Apparel Infomation

All cheerleaders should attend the event with their parent - they will be fitted for their uniforms and order apparel packages. They should wear tight fitting shorts (Nike Pro-type) or leggings and a tightfitting cami or tshirt.

New cheerleaders will need to purchase an apparel package consisting of sneakers, bodyliner, shorts and pink bow. A warm up suit is also needed for games. These items will be fitted and ordered by our apparel vendor, Varsity, at the event. (SEE PACKAGE OPTIONS BELOW)

Returning cheerleaders are required to order new sneakers every year ($59). They may also order replacement items they have outgrown as well as new warm up suits ($103), monogrammed backpacks and ponchos. They should try on the previous years attire in advance of the event to see what will be needed.

All apparel is to be ordered at these events to ensure they arrive in time for summer practices. Apparel cannot be ordered at our June clinics. Parents should fill out their apparel order form in advance of the event and double check all sizing that the vendor notes for accuracy. After each of the events, a link will be sent for parents to pay for their items online, and they will be shipped directly to their house. 

DYFC will NOT be paying ANY balances on apparel not paid for by the order deadline. It is the responsilbity of the parent to pay for their children's apparel. No exceptions.
DYFC will not be responsible for items with incorrect sizing, not arriving on time, or returns. All that can be done directly with Varsity. Shorts, backpacks and warm up suits are not returnable.


Return information will be posted here once available.